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Sixth Plate


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A DYNAMIC LAD . . . Towered above his two seated sisters because he was asked to stand between them and the pair of wooden chairs that had been slightly angled to accommodate the little girls inside the scalloped brass mat surrounding them. The children wore similar dresses and held flowers while their brother had the appearance of a fashionable young gentleman well beyond his callow years. His likeness within the trio was absolutely astounding! Those tightly clamped lips, piercing dark eyes and demonstrative pose with his arm thrust sideways all created a certain flamboyance! The tonality was fantastic and the deep depth nearly unbelievable! Honestly I will price their daguerreotype for him and the other two kids ride inside their complete leather case gratis. A teeny clump of debris in the lad?s coarse hair is really almost invisible. I don?t know what created those black marks on his forehead. Oxidation is visible along the bottom. The sixth plate has a new archival seal.