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Sixth Plate


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HER HAIR WAS IMPORTANT! The youthful gal was placed in a typical pose by her chosen maker when he crafted her retaped sixth plate image. However, when I removed the separated cover from her leather case the subject?s firmly set lips and piercing dark eyes gave her the appearance of a tightly coiled spring read to move off that small wooden chair the instant the lens cap was replaced. Obviously, the girl cared a great deal about her appearance. I wonder how many hours were consumed while she washed, styled and coiled those raven tresses topped off with that decorative comb? Her dress and fingerless dark lace gloves were certainly fashionable. The daguerreotypist used red tinting on her face and plenty of gold to embellish her jewelry. There is one large mold spider above her head on an otherwise stellar surface that does have nice patina inside the mat.