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Sixth Plate


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ONE HUNDRED YEARS YOUNG? This outstanding sixth plate that I recently restored was taken in Boston at Chase?s Gallery circa 1845. The fellow must have been a centurion if he was a day old. His original leather case has a torn hinge. Delicate Roses adorned both covers. The spectacular brightness and amazing contrast were hallmarks of Chase. The character study presents us with a very powerful portrait, although I am curious why the man?s face was slightly soft. Could he have leaned towards the lens after Chase had made his final focus? It would have been unlikely that the lack of sharpness was Chase?s fault. He seemed too much the perfectionist. Regardless of who was responsible, the daguerreotype was presented to either his patron or a younger person who had accompanied the gent to the studio, probably located at 299 Washington St. Of course, I also wonder if this man might have fought in the Revolution. If only he had been identified. A slender frame of patina is present on the almost untouched mirror.