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NOT SO EARLY! At first, I suspected that this monumental resealed sixth plate masterpiece was taken in the mid-1840s. Upon removing paper seals, I studied the naked plate and the hallmark that was rarely seen prior to 1848. I realized that this “taken at home” portrait (well most likely) was probably produced circa 1849. The child’s very proud father positioned himself perfectly and held the baby’s head as motionless as possible for the several second exposure. The tiny subject was enthralled by something outside the window that let in light so perfectly bathing the beautiful boy or girl. I suspect that the tiny tot wore a Christening dress and the parents wanted to record the event on a silvered mirror. The brilliance of the likeness was two-fold. The composition was unlike any dad/offspring example I have ever previously owned. Look at the gentle flow of fabric on the kid’s garment continuing on towards the white sleeve worn by the man. His/her wondrous expression and tinted cheeks contrasted against her parent’s shadowy visage! The play of light and shade is unparalleled in my memory of admiring the finest daguerreotypes. There is heavy original oxidation, mat scrapes along the bottom and in the upper right corner of the octagonal mat. The remainder of the spots and dots occurred during the lifetime of the tour de force and is kept in a proper, but not original leather case that has a restored hinge. Another sixth plate that has not been restored and kept in the bottom of a leather case presents a gent that supposedly came with the dad and child. I don’t think it was the same fellow, but I include it anyway.