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Sixth Plate


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WHAT DID HE DO? At times, when I look upon a subject in a retaped sixth plate, I instantly know what their occupation might have been. This lanky fellow with a very boxy face accentuated by his choice of hairstyle had thin straight lips tinted red. That color was also added to his ample cheeks. While he peered away from the lens when his classic loosely composed bust portrait was taken, there was no mistaking his lively and friendly sparkling eyes. The man obviously was concerned about his own appearance since he neatly combed his thick mane and selected his clothing ensemble with great care and thoughtfulness. A peek at his hands hidden below the mat might have provided a hint at the gent?s line of work. The condition of the likeness, kept in the bottom of a leather case is exceptional! Any teeny white specks visible are meaningless. The round mark above the guy?s shoulder is almost invisible.