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Sixth Plate


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THE LEAST AMOUNT OF BRASS! This sixth plate was taken by a professional daguerreian circa 1845. Yes indeed, the magnificent artifact was created early in the Halcyon Days of daguerreotypy, circa 1844-1848, when in my humble opinion most of the great examples of the art were produced! The re-cleaned double silvered surface sparkles to the original brilliance. Daguerreian frosting is on the right and a partial deep buff stroke is visible opposite. The master operator posed his patron with unvarnished pizzazz! He told his patron to be seated sideways on his small wooden chair. The young fellow crossed one leg over the other and rested both his hands comfortably. With his torso turned, he also tilted his head while never losing sight of the lens. The highlights in those lovely orbs suggest that the brilliant illumination used to give the fellow such marvelous lifelike three dimensionally entered the posing room from high above on the right side. A large reflector softened all the shadows. The play of light and shade behind the lad was fantastic, forcing us to inspect the man, who basked in the intended aura created by the daguerreotypist! The use of an extremely wide-opening oval brass mat and a unique case style with a new leather hinge, both added to my thinking that the gent could have visited the firm of Southworth & Hawes at their Boston gallery located a 5 1/2 Tremont Row. A brilliant achievement!