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Sixth Plate


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FROM A LOW ANGLE. Mother must have been resigned to the fact that her lads were simply not going to completely cooperate when the threesome visited a ?patient? daguerreotypist. Just look at the sagging flesh underneath each boys? eyes and the frowns on their faces. If they hadn?t been yelling and crying immediately before their resealed sixth plate was taken, I would be very surprised. It wasn?t always easy to place subjects on silver so to speak. Look at the kid?s hand on the left, digging into mom?s leg. He really was upset! Carol just walked in the barn and said, ?Oh, that?s a nice dag, but weren?t those kids upset?. Take the insight of a pediatric nurse as a fact. There are teeny pits in the silver, mold spiders and a large brown area on the woman?s head. Also, oxidation and small mat marks. Although there are those flaws, I couldn?t resist the tale told of the brothers. In a complete leather case that is a tan tone.