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Sixth Plate


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THE SAD LITTLE DRUMMER BOY! He was a sixth plate with a new archival seal. Casey made a new leather spine on his rare case that had a unique label printed in the bottom. (Please see the second scan). Those were recent mat scrapes when a previous owner took apart the dag and didn?t bother to reseal the boy. GRRRRR! Never the less, this is an astounding portrait. The odd hues of blue in the kid?s way to large and obviously altered suit jacket were part of the original process. His maker couldn?t have been on his ?A? game the day the child visited the dag saloon! Yet, the child?s portrait is so darn compelling that I keep revisiting him in an attempt to hear his story. I should ask you all, doesn?t that drum seem small for the size and age of the subject who was daguerreotyped about 1849?