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Little Girl By Fredericks Sixth Plate


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AT 585 BROADWAY! Although John Craig listed Charles Fredricks operating a gallery at 588 Broadway circa 1857-1859, “585” was clearly stamped on the oval brass mat that enclosed this glorious sixth plate daguerreotype that has been resealed. The cute little pixie sat forward on the small elegant wooden chair while the quick exposure was made. She parted her lips slightly, ready to answer Mr. Fredricks in an instant if he inquired about anything! The child’s bright dark eyes narrowed slightly probably from the intense brightness directed upon her from overhead. The child’s mother probably selected the brightly patterned paisley dress, wrist bands and a lovely necklace that held a daguerreian brooch for her daughter’s daguerreian ensemble. Fredricks did the rest using a wide-ranging palette of paints to superbly tint his demure subject. When the pressed paper and wooden book style case, with a repaired hinge, is opened and the likeness is seen at different angles the tiny lass becomes completely animated and almost life-like. There are mat abrasions but otherwise the silver is spectacularly bright!