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Sixth Plate


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HER CALM REPOSE . . . And soft smile formed on a pair of perfect subtlety tinted lips was quite refreshing when I reviewed the lady’s recently resealed sixth plate daguerreotype! This splendiferous portrait introduced us to a woman who had an almost seductive appearance. Her round liquid eyes were filled with a joy for life. They were coyly angled away from the lens. Any admirer who might dare to have opened her well-used intact leather case that had a bright red silk pad inside opposite the youthful damsel would be immediately stunned by the subject?s composure. The daguerreian responsible for this work of art on a glistening silvery palette was a genius. He used a pinpoint of main illumination and surrounded his patron with white reflectors to soften any harsh shadows. Having the lass lean on a table slightly lower than normal shifted her weight to the left ever so slightly and changed the perspective of her torso. With a casual tilt of her marvelous head, framed by coiled curls of dark hair, the masterful composition was complete. Deep reflected depth and superbly made tones completed the marvelous drawing. The added tinting gave the gal a very lifelike appearance. She really resonates inside that octagonal mat that has patina hugging it. The condition remains superlative.