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Sixth Plate


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A RECOGNITION OF DEATH. While I am definitely not well-versed in the stages of mourning, can there be any doubt that this woman visited an unknown daguerreotypist to have her resealed sixth plate made while she was still honoring the passing of a loved one? It must have been in the winter months since she tucked her hands inside a large dark fur muff while she stood shivering in front of the camera. Part of her slight movement might have been caused, of course, by the emotional reason she was remembering for having her likeness completed on this palette of highly reflective silver. That slice of white on the right was not a doorway to Heaven. It was the operator?s white reflector used to soften any shadows. He was well-versed in his art. He asked his client to turn her head away from the lens. The lady parted her lips while the exposure was made, as if she was ready to speak to her maker. Weeping original glass left deposits on either side of the woman?s face. There are other meaningless spots and dots elsewhere. Lovely patina surrounds the subject. She is kept in a full leather case constructed in 1845 about the time that this fine image was made. A bright silk pad is inside.