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Sixth Plate Oval


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SUPERB! This was an exemplary example of daguerreotypy done in 1857 or later according to the nice label in the bottom of the gentleman?s complete oval sixth sized thermoplastic case. The condition of both the case and the likeness indicate to me that once he was taken and the token was presented to his loving wife, she looked once and kept it forever secreted in her silk undies drawer. How?s THAT for added embellishment where none was necessary? This was a splendid image that reveals even late in the era that some operators still practiced at the highest levels of competency! The tonality along with the contrast was perfect. The depth was holographic. Since the illumination was from above on the left, the daguerreotypist didn?t get any reflections in the fellow?s lenses. The very narrow depth of focus isolated his handsome face and revealed individual hairs in his wiry beard. It just didn?t get any better! The beautiful brown toned box had a lovely purple pad inside that was embossed with a decorative wreath. The original glossiness on both covers is still present.