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Sixth, Quarter and Ninth Plates


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HER UNKNOWN OPERATOR . . . Created this astounding professionally conserved sixth plate profile daguerreotype and also a stunning quarter plate on the same day sometime after 1855 I suspect. While this portrait is absolutely pristine, someone in the past cleaned the resealed quarter plate, removing much of the original tinting and leaving a multitude of silver spots on the surface that cannot be altered. There is also a ninth plate ambrotype of the same woman taken during the Civil War by Waite & Whitford at their 25 Cent Ambrotype Rooms at 271 Main St. Hartford CT. according to the printed information on a faded yellow card that came with the portrait. I have placed it in an archival sleeve in the bottom half of a push button leather case. The youthful angel?s smaller likeness was absolutely sensational the day the lass sat in front of a camera. When her complete leather case is opened, aside from glorious colorful patina, nothing has changed. The larger plate is kept in a delightful intact push button leather case and the ambro, framed by a Patriotic mat is in the bottom of a leather case.


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