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Although he might have reached middle age, this fellow hadn’t lost a step in a lifetime of working outdoors. His granite exterior covered vast trials and tribulations that most men may never have experienced. Here he sat sometime in early1850 with a freshly trimmed haircut in front of a brave daguerreian who moved his camera quite close to his copper hued patron. I wonder when he last had brought a razor to that leathery face? It certainly didn’t occur earlier that day! Need I say that the tonality was superlative, the focus crisp, the depth impressive? Before someone else cleaned the silver, the gent’s lips and cheeks had been tinted red. A ginormous tie flows underneath both sides of the oval brass mat. There is re-tarnish in places plus white specks, which are hardly noticeable. A few mat scrapes don’t detour my intense pleasure each time I open the thermoplastic case with an interesting ornamentation on both covers that was stamped with gold foil in the central design. The case has minor wear.