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Standing Sibling Trio!  


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With nearly identical outfits except the length of their hair, both sisters came dressed in their best for this quarter plate dag. As their brother holds the younger sister on the shoulder, the older of the two holds him for support to make sure they all sat still for their dag. I can’t recall how dirty the original glass was, but no doubt much worse than the great viewing afforded now with new a new, clean piece. I broke the likely originals seals back in 2015 when i resealed it and fixed the case spine with a nicely matched piece of red leather. Taken circa 1854, I do wonder if this young lad served later in the Civil War. It seems that his participation as some level was most likely.  Hopefully he survived to see his sisters again. They do look like a close knit family, seemingly happy enough to be around each other at least long enough to make for a great daguerreotype. I can’t be certain, but I have a strong feeling that this image as made by Samuel Broadbent as evidenced by the bit of trees to the right of them. He was know to include very similar looking ones in many of his marked dags. This attribution aside is just an icing on the cake type of this since the image is wonderful in its own right.