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He must have run with the young Lions, who would be sons of Scions in New York City during the halcyon days of daguerreotypy in the middle of the 19th Century.  Marcus Aurelius Root, the maker of this sixth plate masterpiece, left Philadelphia and opened his gallery about 1849 at 363 Broadway at the corner of Franklin St.  By that time he had established himself as one of the “go to” daguerreotypists who was capable of producing brilliant reproductions of his sitters.  The young gent offered here represents the epitome of daguerreotypy.  Rich blacks, snow whites and outstanding mid-tones along with amazing depth are all there on a remarkably well polished silver layer that has lovely blue patina on the gauzy vignette and chameleonic like backdrop.  The man was boldly lit from above on the right as he turned his freckled face away from the precision ground lens.  I don’t know what caused the dried drip marks on the right side or that line on the left that is not a scratch.  A complete leather case comes with the magnificent man.  The dag is resealed.