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I really love when a daguerreotype is so good that the inside of a house can be seen as well as the outside.  This quarter plate is one of those images where we get a nice view of a house, but then we are treated to a glimpse inside. Here it happens to be the prominent main staircase…but then also a person somewhat hidden from total view, yet engaging withe the maker. The image translates a bit brighter than in hand due to the fact it was made on a bright sunny day.  I like how the entire family in some capacity has shown up for the occasion.The father at left in his most fatherly pose, the presumed with in the middle, unknown child who’s a bit camera shy and then the dutiful son keeping the horse company.  There is another subject in the carriage, holding the reins steady, perhaps he was the driver that brought the daguerreian to his job of documenting this scene.   A half case holds the image and it has been resealed.