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The Red Coral Will Cure You


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…or so the people of the mid 19th century thought.  But, a google search tells me that many people now apparently still believe the red coral holds medicinal benefits. From promoting longevity to many other supposed ailments, I think my dad once read an old ad that claimed it cured cholera and other such ailments in children, which is why typically adults aren’t seen wearing it in daguerreotypes. Maybe this young lady, not quite an adult but not a child either, had worn this nicely tinted necklace for years. Thwarting off bad vibes, she continued to don it or maybe just one last time for her sixth plate dag. The image has been resealed adequately by an unknown, though at least done with Filmoplast. I repaired the spine years ago for the buyer that has since sold it back to me. A rare dark blue velvet case pad and piping make for a nice contrast with the pattern of her dress and the accent of red and gold on her jewelry. The condition of the plate is excellent.