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Trio of Connected, Silver Gelatin Promotion Photographs for ‘The Joannys’, a Family of Shadowcraftists


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The Joannys were a multi-generational family group. The founding member, Joan Droudillat, brought his son Charles into his act, who brought his wife Maria, and then their son Jean. Pictured in the photos for sale are Charles and Maria. Their hands are demonstrating some of the “scientific hand shadows” using x-rays. Don’t ask me how it worked. Their acts also used lantern slides as backdrops for bullfights, prisms for rainbow effects, and even some kind of effect that needed 3D glasses. Joan would perform magic tricks and illusions. They traveled around Europe and the US, while based in Spain. You can find examples of their posters and some advertisements online. I think this piece is probably from the early 1920s. They performed until 1969. 

Folded, the card measures 3.75 x 5.5 inches. Unfolded it is 3.75 x 16.5. Condition is very fine. I’ve never seen something like this.