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Two Ninth Plates Stereo Dags


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?MASCHER?S . . . Improved Stereoscope Patented March 8 1853 No. 408 N. 2rd St. Philadelphia? is still readable on the Quarter Plate sized completely restored (by Casey) case. The inscription was stamped in gold underneath the pair of magnifying eye pieces that permitted the two ninth plate dags situated side by side to be perfectly seen in glorious 3-D. While I am not certain which daguerreian crafted this tableau, the parents were seated and instructed to look in opposite directions across the plane of the lens. Their child, who wore what would have been a multi-colored tunic stood very still. He rested one small hand on his dad?s knee while the man gently placed his larger hand on his son?s hip. Although the exposure of each plate was radically different, when the threesome is viewed in stereo the effect is electrifying! The mat scrapes are not noticeable and any residual spots seem to magically disappear. I can?t overstate the quality of the depth created in this example.