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Young Mr. Van Lund…..


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was daguerreotyped outside of the studio in what looks like a back alley. The young man is showing off his nicely coiffed pony or perhaps a small horse. I’ve love how the brick work has been freshly repaired. Above his head is either an old advertisement of some sort or maybe part of the repair. This sixth plate dag has such a quickly made, snapshot quality to it, that i wonder if the subject and horse were just walking by and told to stand still for a few seconds. Signed plates are exceedingly rare, and this one is somewhat of an enigma when it comes to figuring out which Bartlett took this image. The only two listed in Craig’s Daguerreian Registry that it cold possibly be considering it is a c.1847-50 dag, are either a Miss D.H. Bartlett who worked in Cincinnati, OH 1850-51 or Henry H. Bartlett in Hartford, CT who worked 1848 and onward.  But, there is a bit more likelihood it could be Miss Bartlett as Henry is listing having partners. Though, signing the plate to signify that he was the sole shooter for this dag could also make sense. I wish it were definitive that is was taken by a woman, as the rarity would be off the charts! Regardless of who made this intriguingly fine dag, it’s certain that it is of a high quality while also being an often not seen type of typical daguerreotypy.  A half case with fancy gold edging and pushbutton closure holds the dag.



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