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This is a cinderella story — in stereo. As you can see in the before and after pictures, Casey Waters, working in conjunction with an artist, restored an important French nude stereo daguerreotype that I own. While I knew for some time that dirt and fogging under the old glass suggested the advisability of new glass, the situation became dire when, as a result of a transportation mishap, the original cover glass was cracked. With expert hands and shrewd judgment, Mr. Waters diagnosed the issues involved, discussed the options with me, disassembled the image, ordered new glass, and arranged for an artist to precisely recreate the black underglass painting (a common and exacting feature of many french dags). Casey had the deft hand and the careful eye to bring all the historically correct elements back together again. I couldn’t be happier. My pocketbook is happy because the cost was so reasonable, and the history of photography is well served by this professional restoration and preservation.

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