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It was an act of faith on my part, to send my treasured family daguerreotypes off to Casey to be restored. I’ve had them in my possesion for about 15 years now, and have never been able to view one of them (George Woodruff, my gr. gr. gr. Uncle). I actually couldn’t tell if it was worth saving or not. Dirt and debris covered it to the point where I could only guess what lay beneath the glass. The other, (John Mathiot, my gr. gr. Grandfather) was visibly deteriorating, since I had a photo of it taken in the 1970’s that I could compare it to. I felt a sense of urgency to restore them, but yet, was hesitant to trust them with just any conservationist. I have seen many beautiful dags ruined by people claiming to know the best techniques. Also, I live in a small town in Montana, and this work is hard to come by. When I’d find someone, I would reject it for the expense ($75.00 an hour) or because it didn’t seem to be what I was looking for. And so it went for quite a long time. Since I am the family historian, I believe it is my job to protect and insure the survival of the many wonderful objects my family owns pertaining to it’s history. I don’t consider them “mine”. My intent is to pass them on to the next generation, in as good of a condition as possible. And so, I felt a heavy responsibility. One day, I was looking at daguerreotypes on the internet and I found this site. I had become more interested in old photographs because of their lovliness, and also to learn more about my family’s collection. I also wanted to learn more about dags to help me make an informed decision about a conservationist. I was extremely impressed with the before and after portraits and the testimonials on the restoration page. Also there was a lot of information to help me feel the confidence to make a decision. I contacted Casey, and his easy manner, and knowledge reassured me. At last, I’d found someone to trust with my beloved dags! And so it began; the almost magical transformation of these again beautiful portraits. It was with utter joy that I viewed their renewed vibrancy. The cost was very reasonable, and I think that is important for people like me, who are the guardians of the past, without the funds of a collector. Also, I know there are others, who have looked for a long time for that perfect match in a conservationist. Casey is easy to work with, personable, and skillful beyond your wildest dreams. I most highly recommend the work of Casey Waters, and it is with pleasure that I write this testimonial.

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