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I began to archivally seal daguerreotypes shortly after acquiring my first few examples in 1985, when I was 35. Casey and his sister Erin immediately took an interest in my hobby that rapidly expanded into a business. I think Casey probably resealed his first daguerreotype when he was 10 years old. He has the same inquisitive nature as myself; wanting to know what might be hidden underneath the brass or paper mats. On many occasions, he calls out from his office, to share a new hallmark, an odd plate preparation or another form of daguerreian minutia with me. We both want to see every daguerreotype as they were meant to be viewed, through clean glass. Casey has gained valuable experience by archivally preserving hundreds of daguerreotypes in the past couple years. (He is 24 now). Casey is extremely patient attempting to make certain that the new glass has no scratches and that pieces of dust aren’t on the surface of the daguerreotype or the underside of the glass as the package is taped. Like myself, Casey attempts to make every daguerreotype better than it was.

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