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Made in a Fine Studio, Half Plate Dag


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AN IMPRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT! Oh to know just for a moment who the daguerreotypist was! But then again, would it make any difference at all I wonder, while I admire the sensuous young woman placed with such magnificent skill on an archivally finished half plate silvery mirror. The exquisite rendering might surpass all but those few portraits that reached beyond of pinnacle of plate preparation, illumination, posing and the use of a silhouette. Then again, was there ever a lass so delicately revealed when a complete leather push button case (with an older leather hinge repair) was opened? Masterful use of space and the elegant placement of her shawl are admirable. The subject, with her perfect red lips, lovely face full of freckles and warm poignant eyes smiling as she peered past the camera towards the unknown. A skylight permitted the room to fill with the brightness necessary for a rapid exposure. Naturally occurring patina flowing inside the oval opening of her brass mat completed the masterpiece that has aged flawlessly! If you have an advanced collection of gorgeous females this daguerreotype would make a splendid addition!