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Half Plate


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NYC GIRLS! These lovely ladies were taken at the Meade Brothers daguerreian establishment 233 Broadway in the city. Naturally, they also could have been out of towners!!! Their exquisite half plate that has a new archival seal and the leather case, that Casey has made intact once again, survived the vagaries of the aging process. Naturally, if the patina wasn?t sold broad and the blue and brown dots weren?t so noticeable, I truly would have swooned over this attractive pair. Especially the gal on the left whose soft lips were gently parted as though she wanted to communicate directly with me. What a stunning mid-19th century beauty she must have been and her friend certainly was lovely in a different manner. Because they were dresses in very similar if not identical ensembles it would be acceptable to ask if the duo were sisters? I really can?t say for certain either way, siblings or simply close friends. When every fine daguerreotype is viewed initially there is always a magic moment . . . or not, when the subject, in this instance subjects, either speak to me or not. The gals almost leaped off the brilliant mirror to stand on either side of me. Even with the flaws the sumptuous surface that presents the pair will mesmerize the next collector who obtains their likeness!