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That was exhibited years ago by the Newport RI Historical Society showed the same woman in repose framed by a mat that indicated her maker was Joshua Appleby Williams, a Newport daguerreian circa 1849-1858. Casey has done the restoration of this exquisite rendering that was obviously taken in the lady’s home. He noted that this was not the original brass mat and suspects it was changed about 100 years ago, due to the patina that has formed and the type of old but not original tape that sealed the piece when he purchased it recently. Folks, I can honestly state that no reproduction I can make would ever reproduce the magical moment the next owner will experience when the repaired leather case is opened. The tinting on the reclining woman?s paisley shawl and the flowers in that small glass vase adds to the eye-catching beauty of the overall composition. As Casey noted so accurately, “the subject allowed us to visit inside her personal space as she rested on her fainting couch.” The lady relaxed in this room to read letters, several are tucked behind the turned wooden post of her bookshelf crammed with many volumes that included, “Prayer, Lord’s Prayer, Systems of the World, and The Seven Camps of Architecture.” Included with the overall view is a close up of the tomes. It is important to note that Williams used a reversing prism when he made the superb reproduction! There are numerous specks and flecks, mat marks and thin vertical scratches on the wallpaper, wainscot and on her dress. The ?atmosphere? of the masterpiece cannot be over stated. A brilliant daguerreotype created by a very confident operator.