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MASSASOIT…..was the leader of the Wampanoag tribe, which was essential in helping the Pilgrims survive when they first arrived in New England. Here, we see the use of the great leader’s name living on 225 years later. It is a bit ironic that these men trade on his name, on land most likely taken from his people. Now, we are left to judge this quarter dag by its merits as an interestingly posed image from an odd angle of some proud men and their business. We haven’t done any sleuthing into what business the Massasoit building was. Though, based on the high class looking nature of the carriage as well as the men posed, I would venture that they were professionals of some sort. Whether it be a gaggle of lawyers or perhaps a mixed use business building, this scene gives us a great glimpse into a moment of daily life back then. The living history of the United States at the time was expansion, as well as protection of the southern border with Mexico.  Taken on the brink of war, perhaps some of these men left soon after this image was captured on a nice sunny day. One of the neatest aspects is the reflection of the man seated on the balcony.  He has great engagement with the camera operator as do the men standing next to the carriage. The driver at the reins of the horses also has turned towards the camera, giving acknowledgement of his likeness being included in the daguerreotype. Overall, the image is in good condition, with an issue from the polishing prep causing the abnormality about the building. The resealed image is held in a whole case, likely the original.