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Judging from the dress of the young woman rider, I would estimate this image was painted in the 1820/30s, but this great sixth plate representation was made circa 1851. I love the perceived movement with the horse in motion. It’s unlike dags taken from life or horses, as I have yet to see one that is only two feet. It is a somewhat simple composition, though maybe the original had some colors. But, that simplicity is what makes it esthetically pleasing. The resealed image is held in a whole case. The condition isn’t perfect, with a large wipe running the length of the horses legs, as well as some other light wipes. Despite these condition issues, the painting was copied expertly in the form of a daguerreotype to last for hundreds of years. I do wonder what became of the original painting? From my rudimentary knowledge of paintings, I would say it would sell for a good price. This dag copy can be had for much less! Held in a nice, whole case.