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Of the woman’s complete leather case is very warped on the hook and eyelet side of the sixth size compartment. Inside a purple silk pad is spotted and faded, but has a lovely sheen. The actual daguerreotype has several mold spiders, one of substantial size above three books placed on top of a hidden table that also supported the lady s arm. On the day she was taken, probably in 1846, that intricately patterned dress had been tinted red and blue. I suspect that her flesh tones had been nicely finished too. Gold was used to outline a large brooch. Intense illumination lit the subject at a 90-degree angle from the right and a huge reflector was just to the left hidden by the brass mat. I love that intense concentration in her eyes and a firm no nonsense expression. Undoubtedly the daguerreian s patron labored over arranging her hair just right and placing that white cap on her head before taking a seat in front of the camera. If you haven’t concluded by now that the archivally taped portrait has awesome reflected depth . . . well . . . let me tell you that it DOES! The teeny winged insect upper left is actually bubbles in the silver. This is a very impressive, high-contrast artifact!