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ON THE ROAD! Sixth Plate


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That thought pertains to the daguerreotypist responsible for the serious young gal’s resealed sixth plate masterwork. The use of a fine blanket for the background behind his perfect subject certainly suggests that the maker was not recording her on a splendid piece of silver in gallery he occupied full-time. However, that delicately painted wooden chair might have belonged to the lass. Curiously, the cloth underneath her arm was bunched up at an angle and continued up the nearby wall. I wonder if it was also used as a reflector since the main light source entered from a broad window on the left? The girl’s comportment was remarkable. Her intense pale eyes never wavered while the lens was uncapped. Both hands remained motionless. She had probably spent hours arranging her hair and the dress she selected for this image was colorful no doubt. Lovely tinting on her flesh tones was applied. (This is an ancient scan so forgive the lack of explosiveness). When her brilliant mother of pearl case is opened, the object of the next collector’s desire will be more than equally met. After a while she might even turn her tightly clamped lips into a smile. Blue was added to her ribbons and gold was applied to that brooch and two rings. Technical merit and artistic genius were both achieved! Patina and teeny mat scrapes are present.