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This little tyke, another charming childhood sixth plate by Rufus Anson, just wouldn’t stand still in front of the camera. Even his/her mother, whose dark dress is very evident, couldn’t convince the kid to remain unmoving. He (I do think it’s a boy) moved sideways and raised one arm while the lens was uncapped. Once again, Anson (or an assistant) used a professional palette of colors to paint realistic flesh tones. He embellished the small ribbons on the plaid dress and tinted it with lime green pigments. The condition of the portrait, which still has very thin tight old paper seals, is nearly immaculate. There is a mat scrape on mom’s shoulder and silent patina inside the mat shape. Anson 589 and Broadway are imprinted in the lower corners. The red velvet pad has a brilliantly steam pressed design with the typical Anson information. I must add that the overall quality and terrific reflected depth in this portrait is exceptional!




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