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Mother & Confection in Pink


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Naturally, the main feature here is the adorable little girl in her gorgeous pinkish/orange dress. How much more wonderful can you get with a young girl in a daguerreotype? There aren’t many that compare to her. The fact that she remained perfectly still is also a wonder. Her mother isn’t tinted as neatly as her daughter. What she lacks in tinting and appearance; she makes up for in jewelry. What I immediately noticed was the very clear daguerreian hair bracelet, which is uncommon to see with such a sharp focus. She also wears a brooch that possibly held a daguerreotype. It is not at the correct angle to tell. Like her mother, the young girl wore a beaded necklace that may be made of pearls. I am not a jewelry expert, so I won’t say for sure. A small mold spider is directly above the girl’s hair and there is another one on mom’s dress. Otherwise, the sixth plate is in fine condition. The dag is resealed and held in a whole leather case with a floral design and silk pad.