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All the boys in this kid’s circle of friends couldn’t possibly have been attired so well and groomed as neatly as him while he posed for his sealed sixth size image, could they? Ah . . . looking closer, aren’t those white cuffs on his shirt rather frayed. Doesn’t that jacket appear too long in the sleeves and roomy across the lad’s waist? Hand me down clothes I suspect. Someone combed his hair before he sat in front of a camera. His expression was non-committal yet the boy behaved perfectly! His folks were rewarded with a rich deeply reflective likeness that has survived the aging process rather well. There is a mold tendril lower left and a few specks and flecks in the silver upper left. Beautiful patina flows softly. That was an interesting clasp on the nicely knotted tie, a tiny button with a curlicue underneath. The worn intact leather case was probably opened and closed a thousand times as the proud parents always shared their son’s likeness with relatives and acquaintances.