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DID SHE . . . Sixth Plate


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Really wear a three strand diamond necklace around her neck upon her visit to a local daguerreian who very capably made her nice retaped sixth size likeness or was the man in the mood to embellish the teenager’s dag to the point of painting red and gold on her jewelry after he delicately picked all those places in the silver to simulate sparkling gemstones? I am very impressed with her appearance even today as I study the gal. Her costume was rather unusual because I believe the over skirt would have permitted the young woman to show less shoulder, if she so desired. However, since this portrait may have been presented to a youthful gentleman and NOT her mother, well she coquettishly decided to bare her flesh, so to speak. She even held her dainty hat with the pink tinted ribbon in one hand. You know what folks, I like this cunning girl and if she would have smiled . . .! There was something mischievous about her. Rich patina creates added hues. There is one large mold spider on the left and a nearly invisible stain on the surface on the right. You might wonder about those three bright dots at her waist. A large straight pin was secured there, just in case of a wardrobe malfunction I think. Brilliant tones and wonderful depth are inside a complete leather case.