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Ancient Lady Sixth Plate Dag


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Was the daguerreotypist aware that his focus and lens sharpness was so precise that even his sitter’s white beard stubble would plain be seen? Oh . . . I even have more questions about the ancient lady, however let me tell you that very few sixth plate dags have ever had a person with the stare?! If you think for a moment that looking at my one-dimensional scan excites the hairs on your arms, only one person will have the opportunity to open her complete leather case and actually receive the jolt I did upon first glance. The woman?s sealed portrait is extremely impressive and extraordinary. Her portrayal against white while she wore dark clothes and long bright ribbons almost makes the term holographic depth obsolete. While I have pondered her ethnicity (with no clear-cut answer) how I would have enjoyed talking to her. If only her hands had been visible across the bottom of this marvelous effort. Faint mat scratches are above her head and on the right side. Pale patina hugs the mat opening. Rouge was touched on her cheeks and lips. Her likeness was a superbly crafted tour de force!