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…was his bright white undershirt and close to white vest.  This effect of blue tones is caused by the overexposure of light tones. So, from this we can tell that this man was lit from the front and right side. Note how his arm on this left has much less definition in the folds of his coat. The lighter fabric on his left was used as a reflector board of sorts to increase the light on that side.  Sometimes daguerreotypists would use a mirror to achieve this effect by a means of harnessing the sun even more.  The edge of a frame can be seen at the mat’s edge, so this could explain the brightness at the center of his shirt. I love the confidence in this mans’ eyes, attitude, and attire. He knew how good he looked for this dag, from his freshly trimmed huge sideburns, to the sheen of his top-hat. I suspect that his trousers and boots were equally as well appointed. The quarter plate is in fine condition and held in a nice case.