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Superb Siblings…


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in their Sunday best!  There is no doubt these two dark eyed kids are siblings, the type that appear to actually have gotten along quite well. or maybe only enough so to maintain posed for this wonderful sixth plate taken in 1845. The mat shape, case style, combined with a rare green piping and beautiful purple silk case pad, as well as the technical quality make me think 1845, rather than 44, as this Grecian Urn case was used a bit earlier. The Scovills plate is flat, with narrowly clipped corners that are typical from this early burgeoning period of the dag era.  This was when the images attained on silver really were becoming more artistic rather than documentary as many were in the very early era, 1839-43.  Besides more dynamic posing, better techniques of plate prep and slight additions of color were going into play. The young girl holds a small bouquet of yellow and pink flowers with a touch of green. I resealed them back in 2005, and they resided in the Arizona for some time, so there is a bit of haze under the glass. If desired, I can reseal the image again and it will really pop in hand.