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 There are certain occasions that hand applied pigments on children’s dags simply overpower one’s sensibilities.  The cunning child, stood awestruck on that beautiful chair dressed in his finest winter outfit including warm woolen mittens and that awesome hat. Believe me when I tell you that the resealed sixth plate is so rich and holographic along with the added pigments simply glimmering that you can reach inside the whole leather case to cuddle the tiny subject. How much cuter could a tyke be? Although the mushy area in the center of the fine daguerreotype was caused by an imperfect lens, where the focus was necessary . . . well when was the last time you could see the nap in the cloth covering a posing table? Magnificent original patina has created a rainbow flowing freely against the scalloped indentation of that brass mat. Only a hint of the perfect brilliance is revealed in my reproduction!